(mostly) rock 'n' roll 1981-1994
(mostly) rock 'n' roll 1981-1994

steve rapport photography

@ (mostly) rock 'n' roll gallery

the vintage photography of steve rapport, who documented the thrilling 80s music scene in london, whilst also fighting for social and racial justice


every picture tells a story, and steve is more than happy to share the story behind your favorite photo... if he can remember it

"and somewhere in my soul there's always rock and roll" - joe strummer

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kindly comments from music mavens

what I really enjoy about your photography is the way it catches the most human and "everyday" side of my favourite rockstars

ale v

your photos bring back some amazing memories of a time and place

geoff f

i love music and art - and your photography is an incredible marriage of both

lisa c

they seem to catch the artists at the right moment. the black and white ones are atmospheric. in short great photos

steve y

you make the images of the artists come to life and leave me wanting to know more about the story behind them

karen t

you have taken some great shots of rock & punk icons which capture the personality of the artists

lee f

your photographs are that smiling joyous moment captured.... you are the eyes for someone who wasn't there except in spirit

beth h

I love the light in your photos... also your subjects always stand out - almost in 3D

joe k

for me the thing about your photography is that there seems to be a real connection between you and the subject

ian m