Steve Rapport

(mostly) rock 'n' roll

This online store features the vintage (mostly) rock 'n' roll photography of exiled Londoner Steve Rapport, spanning the years 1980-1994, plus his much more recent landscape and travel photos.

Steve's physical store is the (mostly) rock 'n' roll gallery in Rockaway Beach, Pacifica CA.

Steve left the UK and headed for the San Francisco Bay Area in June 1992, and has lived there ever since. Meanwhile, his photo archive lived in filing cabinets in his friend Rod's garage in Oxfordshire, England until the end of 2017, when photos and photographer were finally reunited.

vintage photos and recent landscapes

Here you can find the best of those vintage photographs, newly scanned and lovingly restored, and of course everything here is available for purchase as a signed archival digital inkjet print (and the more recent travel and landscape photos are available as ready-to-hang aluminum prints).

Some of his personal favorites would include the legendary Joe Strummer running the 1983 London Marathon, the magnificent Bruce Springsteen at the Meadowlands, New Jersey in August 1984, the lovely Annie Lennox at the Churchill Hotel in London in April 1985, the charismatic Bono, somewhere in Ireland in the winter of 1982, the enigmatic David Bowie on the set of the Loving The Alien video in March 1985, the inspirational Billy Bragg on 6th Avenue in New York in September 1984, the heroic Nelson Mandela at Wembley Stadium in London in April 1990, and the late, lecherous John Lee Hooker outside his home in Redwood City, California in November 1992.

gallery in pacifica

These days Steve can usually be found at his (mostly) rock 'n' roll gallery at Rockaway Beach in his home town of Pacifica, CA, which showcases all of his artwork, plus his various magazines, photozines and note cards.

“kick over the wall 'cause governments to fall
how can you refuse it?
let fury have the hour, anger can be power
do you know that you can use it?”

clampdown / the clash